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This is a forum for anything vocaloid. Tired of looking for places to discuss vocaloid and only running into dead forums and cringey amino apps? I know I am!
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 Rules 'n Junk

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PostSubject: Rules 'n Junk   Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:17 pm

So yeah this place unfortunately has to have rules.
Boo, I know, but they're needed.
1. Don't bully/harass peolpe. Self explanatory.
2. No NSFW. I didn't make that one. Trust me I would allow it if I could but dumb forumotion won't so, if it just HAS to be posted, then don't directly post anything nsfw, just link it or something. That, or just don't post anything innapropriate, simple really.
3. Don't do anything illegal. Just don't please.
I don't care if you talk about it, just don't do any of it here.
4. Please keep all posts in the right categories.
It's not that hard, and for the most part shouldn't be a problem, but the categories are pretty easy to follow, so you should be able to keep on subject in the appropriate places.

I will add on to these as needed.
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Rules 'n Junk
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